Personal branding is how people think about you as an actor or actress. How the public perceives you. The object of a ‘brand’ is to create a relationship with your target market, your customer, your fans. A successful brand will help align who you are with who your fans need or want you to be. If hearing your name invokes thoughts, feelings and opinions then you have successfully built your brand.

A brand is not how you act. A brand is not about graphic design. A brand is not your logo. A brand is the cornerstone of your marketing plan. It should be truthful and it should be about you. The brand is the foundation of all your marketing activities. It influences what roles you seek, your personal advertising, website, social media and everything that you do.

Developing a brand is important because it helps fans choose you over your competitors (other actors). Most actors offer the same promises of reliable performance, quality acting and reasonable demands. Your brand helps your name pop out of the clutter by eliciting an emotional, psychological and sometimes physiological response. This is important because casting directors choose emotionally.

Having a brand in place is not only important for external relationships and communication. Internally, a solid brand will keep you focused and on track. With a brand in place, you know who you are, what you want to achieve and where you are going.

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