Most of the time when I’m perusing apps I find one of two things: apps that are great in concept but can’t pull it off, and apps that look amazing and work amazing but do nothing. Every once in a while you find one that does both.

Today, for your consideration, I present Spurfly. From their website:

Spurfly helps you spend more quality time, whether last minute or planned, with 1 to 100s of people. Post your “spur of the moment, on the fly” free time availability, last-minute plans, activity ideas, and requests for other people’s time.

Essentially, this app is designed to help you be more social in the real world. As someone helping to run a small business, I know that it can be really hard to schedule time to hang out with people. And then all of a sudden I have all of the free time in the world.


The site is currently down for construction (I know how that is), so it’s a little confusing. But I highly suggest heading over to the play store to check it out.

You can learn more about spur fly at their website.

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