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So if you watch the Walking Dead:

A. You’re doing it right.

B. You are being advertised to without necessarily even being aware.

Case in point…Hyundai! Have you noticed that the main car Rick and crew drives is a Tucson? (Except for Darryl who drive the hog, but not when he goes to look for his brother…weird). And Hyundai ain’t messin’ around. They have never run out of gas in the Tucson, they have never had a wreck in the Tucson, they have never had to replace a wire or a spark plug in the Tucson. In fact, Hyundai apparently made sure that the Tucson would only be portrayed in a positive light. Smart move Hyundai.


And the zombie craze unfortunately isn’t going anywhere soon (I say unfortunately because I LOVE LOVE LOVE TWD, but could do without all of the other movies and shows that have recently come out or are in plans to come out soon. It’s like vampires. There is such a thing as too much). Companies are putting zombies into their commercials that are airing during TWD in hopes that people will stop their recordings and watch them. I am not sold on that ideal. Perhaps if it was a cast member of the show, but you are going to get zombies in the show anyway so I say fast forward on through the commercial zombies and onto the ones that could potentially kill your favorite character.

Of course anyone looking to reach an audience of people 18-49 would want to put their ad on during the Walking Dead. That is a no brainer, as long as it fits in with the demographic watching.  But it is even smarter for a company like Hyundai to put their product right in the show. If you never realized that the Tucson was a star of the show until now, I promise you’ll  be looking out for it in past episodes and in Season 4. And you might even start to pine over it. Because who knows when the REAL zombie apocalypse is going to happen…

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