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Webisode 1
She is not the first person to release a video series for her new album, but she is the latest to do it. Sara Bareilles is taking her fans on a journey for her newest CD, releasing a series of 8 Youtube videos before the album hits stores in July.

I love things like this.  I am a self proclaimed music junkie so whenever my favorite bands give me a chance to see insider material I am all for it. I think it is really cool to get a sneak peak of what goes into the writing and recording process.  I also think it is cool that Sara is very raw when talking about the direction of her album. We often times think that people in the spotlight have everything under control, but they are just like us. Expressing yourself through music and creating something personal is no easy task. Letting your fans in on that gets you a gold star in my book.

Artists have been using all areas of social media to promote their new albums recently. I shared the Pistol Annies’ campaign a few weeks ago, where they used Vine to release clues about the location of their missing equipment (part of a fictional game where people collected clues and could win tickets to a surprise show). The also used it to reveal their album artwork.

Sara did something similar in Seattle, parts of her cover artwork around the city and releasing clues online. When people found them all they would share the artwork on different platforms.

Things like this allow fans to interact more with people that inspire them and I would guess that the artists gain inspiration from the fans as well.


Justin Bieber has nothing on you! (He was discovered on Youtube in case you didn’t know or didn’t fully believe in the potential of the website) Simon Cowell, the guy from America’s Got Talent, X Factor, American Idol, every other competition show on the face of the planet, is looking for the next big thing.


(Here is Simon looking very Glamour Shots with his famous skin tight black shirt)

So you don’t sing. Doesn’t matter. You can show off any of your skills; cooking, dancing, singing, reading backwards. For the next 12 months, starting March 20th,  they are going to launch a channel called the You Generation where you can show off your super awesome skills.

“Every submission will be judged by Syco executives and experts in the relevant field,” YouTube said in a statement. “Finalists will be chosen every two weeks with the winner being announced on the second Friday of every contest.”

The cool part is, each winner gets a cash prize and then the go into the final competition for a grand prize. There are different categories for you to enter in and to audition you just go to the channel and upload your video in the corresponding category.

So what are you waiting for?! Go get Youtube famous and maybe even WORLD FAMOUS! Check out the video below for a summary/preview of the channel.


So my new goal is to start a Youtube series. I have no idea what it will be about, or for that matter how to even make that happen. But, if YOU do we should totally team up and create a pilot that is so awesome a network (or someone with lots of moolah) will fund us to make great content that will air via Netflix or Youtube. Then we can be internet superstars!

But even more than that, we could win an Emmy. You know you’ve always wanted to display an Emmy in your bathroom. Way back in 2008 (yes, it’s already been 5 years since 2008) the Academy decided that shows that were not on traditional channels and not regularly scheduled could take home an award. However, this was 5 years ago and it hasn’t made much of a difference. It did, however, take 6 years before a show on cable actually won after the rules were changed in 1988.

I guess most shows that are on Youtube aren’t technically long enough to win most awards. To be completely honest, I have never watched a series on Youtube or the ONE that I know about that is on Netflix, House of Cards. The only reason I know about the latter is because every time I watch something on Netflix they play the trailer afterwards. Apparently the show is pretty good and gaining buzz, as is the return season of Arrested Development (which I am prettttttttttty excited about!).

Just in case you don’t have Netflix and aren’t privy to their excellent marketing strategies…

However, there a few that could potentially lean towards which are the “Short Format Live-Action Entertainment Program” and “Short Format Nonfiction Program”. There are networked shows that can fall in this category though.

Also, you have to pay some Benjamins to be considered for an award, but honestly, $600-$700 ain’t that bad if you believe you have some quality content worth of acclaim.

Now, content has to have aired by May 31 of this year to be considered for an Emmy, so that means YOU need to hurry up and come up with a stellar idea, a way to make the show, and $700 so that I can attach my name on the project and we can win an Emmy!

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