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Webisode 1
She is not the first person to release a video series for her new album, but she is the latest to do it. Sara Bareilles is taking her fans on a journey for her newest CD, releasing a series of 8 Youtube videos before the album hits stores in July.

I love things like this.  I am a self proclaimed music junkie so whenever my favorite bands give me a chance to see insider material I am all for it. I think it is really cool to get a sneak peak of what goes into the writing and recording process.  I also think it is cool that Sara is very raw when talking about the direction of her album. We often times think that people in the spotlight have everything under control, but they are just like us. Expressing yourself through music and creating something personal is no easy task. Letting your fans in on that gets you a gold star in my book.

Artists have been using all areas of social media to promote their new albums recently. I shared the Pistol Annies’ campaign a few weeks ago, where they used Vine to release clues about the location of their missing equipment (part of a fictional game where people collected clues and could win tickets to a surprise show). The also used it to reveal their album artwork.

Sara did something similar in Seattle, parts of her cover artwork around the city and releasing clues online. When people found them all they would share the artwork on different platforms.

Things like this allow fans to interact more with people that inspire them and I would guess that the artists gain inspiration from the fans as well.



This is a GREAT contest that incorporates social media. Typically, at least when I think of film festivals, I think of independent movies, celebrities, and very serious critics. But the film festival used Twitter’s Vine to host a fun contest that fit perfectly with both the festival AND the networking site. Basically, you get 6 seconds on Vine to create a mini-movie.Submissions had to have a beginning, middle, and end and were put into one of multiple categories including: Auteur, Genre, Animate, and Series.

Over 400 films were submitted and judged, leaving 40 finalists for cash and FAME. The final 40 will be reviewed by  by a panel of judges including actor Adam Goldberg and director Penny Marshall and winners will be announced later this week on the 26th. If you have ever had an idea for a Vine film, you know that 6 seconds is literally no time at all. Actually, when I think about a movie in few seconds, I think about Ben’s claymation film on “Parks and Rec” where he spent days creating content and the movie ended up only being about 3 seconds.  There can be a lot of material to fit into just 6 seconds, so this involves coming up with a great idea and executing it in the given time.

I love this contest because anyone can enter and if your work is good enough you could win some moolah. And who knows, maybe even get recognition and get to make your own short film.

If you go here you can check out all of the entries for each category. I believe their are ten in each one.



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