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So this blog is going to be about one of my favorite people ever, Zach Braff. Granted, I have never met him so I might not even like him in real life. In my head he is exactly like JD on “Scrubs”. Anyways, nearly a decade ago Braff wrote, directed, and starred in “Garden State”, which you should see if you haven’t already. It was featured in the Sundance Film Festival and is one of those movies that gains a cult following. I think it is one of those things that you either see once and think, Meh, or you really love. Either way, it has been nearly a decade since the release of “Garden State” and Zach is finally onto his next movie.


However, he didn’t go the traditional route to fund the project. Enter Kickstarter. If you haven’t heard of Kickstarter, it is a website where people can put up projects/causes and attempt to raise money to fund the project. Recently Veronica Mars fans raised 1 million dollars in order to fund the movie that has been rumored for years. So, Braff decided to hit up the website and see if he could raise enough to make the follow up to his first movie. His reasoning for using Kickstarter instead of going through a studio was basically artistic direction. He didn’t want all of the final decisions to go to the “people in charge” and  change the entire meaning behind the film. Understandable.

There is the question of why celebrities don’t just fund their own projects since they presumably have millions of dollars. I don’t know how that works though, seeing as I am not famous and also not rich. But, in just 3 days Braff has already raised over 2 million dollars and is backed by over 30,000 fans. There are still 25 days left to go in the campaign.

Thanks to the internet and the ability for celebrities to reach out to fans and interact with them, projects that might not have happened can now become a reality. Veronica Mars fans had waited for YEARS for the movie to come out. Kristen Bell had said the entire time that she would be game to star in it if it ever came to light. And the fans made it happen. Same for Braff. If the fans want to see it happen, they can make it happen. You know, as long as the people needed to make the movies are willing to do it. Anything is possible when you have a dream…and the internet.

If you want to check out the plot and information about Braff’s film or donate to the cause, go here:

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