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So, I haven’t been able to watch any of the new Arrested Development yet which means I can’t personally throw in my opinion on the 4th season, however there are plenty of people who have already provided their own.

Now the first thing that you should know about season 4 of AD is that it centers around one character at a time. Since there has been a 7 year hiatus between seasons the actors have moved on to other projects and all have busy schedules to work around. There are of course mixed reviews on this technique, some people like it some don’t.

Among the fans, LA Times, Hollwood Reporter, and the San Francisco Chronicle. All of them pretty much say that the more you watch the better it is and you kind of forget that it doesn’t necessarily follow the same direction has the 3 previous seasons.

Among the critics, Hitfix, Wall Street Journal, Variety, Buzzfeed, and NYT which actually claimed that “the internet had killed Arrested Development”.

As I have said, I haven’t personally watched any of the show yet but I have to kind of believe that after 7 years people might have hyped up the last season. That is a long time to have created scenarios in your head about what could have happened to your favorite characters and when that isn’t how it plays out it can be disappointing.

From reading comments on reviews it seems that fans were a bit disappointed about the first few episodes but after watching the whole season things came full circle and they were pleased. I have seen people recommend that it be binged watched, aka reserve 9 hours, get a giant sandwich and bowl of ice cream, and make a day of it.

When I have a day off, that is what I will do.

Have you watched the 4th season of Arrested Development yet? What did you think?!




YES! Are you as excited for this as I am? The answer should be yes. Arrested Development is a gem of a show and if you haven’t watched it, then go one Netflix and get busy! AD is one of those shows that was ended before it’s time, one of those clever shows that is well written, has a strong following, but just doesn’t get the ratings that it deserves and that makes the big wigs keep it around (think Community).

But, as most Arrested fans know, the show has been given one more season that will air on Netflix starting on May 26th. There will also be a movie. Both of these things make me happy. Mostly because I still love Michael Cera, regardless of the fact that he always plays the same character. He is just adorable as the dorky awkward kid.


Now, aside from the brilliant content that Netflix will be airing, let’s talk about Netflix as a whole. Remember when they raised their prices and everyone flipped out and said that they would lose all of their customers and die off? True, it wasn’t cool, and I myself switched my membership to streaming only (not a big deal, mailing things isn’t my strong suit anyway). But, they definitely have been hitting it out of the park lately, at least in my opinion. I have not checked out the original series “House of Cards” but I hear good things about it, and it stars Kevin Spacey so you can’t really go wrong there. And they have another original show starting soon, which sounds kind of interesting. But to pick up a show that is really loved by fans and allow it to carry on for another season is genius. GENIUS I SAY! Especially because anyone who was a fan of the show and doesn’t have Netflix will probably pony up the dough, at least while the show is carried, to watch it. If I didn’t have Netflix and I heard about this, I certainly would pay the 8 bucks a month.

And then the Ad campaign. Ugh. These posters are FANTASTIC. If you saw any of these, as a fan of the show, you would know. It is like a secret underground club. If you saw jean shorts and thought of never nudes, we should be friends.


Bravo Netflix marketing team. Bravo.

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