Meet our Family

Ellen Treanor

Founder and Lead Designer

About me: Ellen Treanor, is an expert in impression management, advertising, visual communication, micro PR campaigns and in 2009, earned a Master’s Degree in Professional Communication. She logged over a dozen years with Lucent Technologies/ Bell Labs as a technical manager and holds a Graduate Certificate in Information Systems from USC. After accomplishing all her goals with AT&T, Treanor began work on the other side of marketing, acting in several television shows and commercials. She spent twelve years studying at Howard Fine Acting Studio. Her short film, “Ghostwriter”, garnered several prestigious awards from film festivals in the District of Columbia, Houston, and southern California.

Volunteer Work: Ellen is developing an extracurricular academic enrichment program called Youth Enjoy Success to equip students for college or career. She also volunteers for an organization that rescues and rehabilitates racehorses and  proudly works raising money for breast cancer research.

Benjamin K. Smith

Executive Account Manager and Social Media Liaison

About me: Although new to the AW family, Smith has worked in the Brand Image field for over 6 years. He has a BS in Communication from Southern Utah University, where he specialized in Public Relations and Image Repair. He is currently pursuing his MA in New Media Communication from Portland State University. Smith is a National Collegiate Champion Ballroom Dancer and on a warm summer day he enjoys going to see the Seattle Mariners play.
Volunteer Work: Smith is an avid proponent of LGBT equality, and works with numerous organizations striving for equality and justice. In addition, Smith is a certified HIV prevention counselor, and a volunteer at his local health clinic.

Susan Leslie

Finance Manager and Client Liaison

About me: Born to a sex therapist and a Secret Service Agent in Oklahoma City, Susan’s career in comedy was inevitable. Originally from the Sooner state of Oklahoma, Susan is a graduate of UCLA School of Theatre, Film and Television.  She has over 50 guest and co-star appearances on television. In addition to being an actor, Susan worked for 8 years as a script coordinator in Television Sitcom production and also co-owns Favor Forte where she designs personal favors and gifts.Finance manager and Client Coordinator.

Volunteer Work: Susan is a proud mom and has been a volunteer Big Sister with Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Los Angeles since 1997.

Brian Strasmann

Content Manager

About me: Brian Strasmann graduated from California  State University at Long Beach with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism specializing in public relations. Brian’s early writing work led to his being hired by Warner Bros. Pictures to re-write the production draft of the motion picture film Free Willy. Experienced in technical film and web production, Brian’s passion remains in communications in fact and fiction. His strong writing skills lend themselves to helping individuals and small businesses garner publicity in order to grow in an increasingly competitive world.

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