PR News has some great advice for anyone looking to manage their own personal brand. It’s a short read, but¬†definitely¬†worth it.

Two main points seem to stick out to me: schedule in advance, and repackage.

Schedule in advance: For the days when even a skeletal staff becomes a non-existent one, schedule social media activity in advance.

I can’t agree more. If you know that there isn’t going to be someone around to post, do it in advance. There are a lot of great services that can help you with it, or you can hire outside groups to do it for you.

Repackage: Not all tweets have to die after their first use.

I personally do this all the time. I have posts that are several years old that I use for inspiration. Your client base today is not your client base of three years ago. As long as you’re not cheating, there’s no reason to re-make the wheel.

You can find the whole post over at PR News.

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