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So, I haven’t been able to watch any of the new Arrested Development yet which means I can’t personally throw in my opinion on the 4th season, however there are plenty of people who have already provided their own.

Now the first thing that you should know about season 4 of AD is that it centers around one character at a time. Since there has been a 7 year hiatus between seasons the actors have moved on to other projects and all have busy schedules to work around. There are of course mixed reviews on this technique, some people like it some don’t.

Among the fans, LA Times, Hollwood Reporter, and the San Francisco Chronicle. All of them pretty much say that the more you watch the better it is and you kind of forget that it doesn’t necessarily follow the same direction has the 3 previous seasons.

Among the critics, Hitfix, Wall Street Journal, Variety, Buzzfeed, and NYT which actually claimed that “the internet had killed Arrested Development”.

As I have said, I haven’t personally watched any of the show yet but I have to kind of believe that after 7 years people might have hyped up the last season. That is a long time to have created scenarios in your head about what could have happened to your favorite characters and when that isn’t how it plays out it can be disappointing.

From reading comments on reviews it seems that fans were a bit disappointed about the first few episodes but after watching the whole season things came full circle and they were pleased. I have seen people recommend that it be binged watched, aka reserve 9 hours, get a giant sandwich and bowl of ice cream, and make a day of it.

When I have a day off, that is what I will do.

Have you watched the 4th season of Arrested Development yet? What did you think?!




Webisode 1
She is not the first person to release a video series for her new album, but she is the latest to do it. Sara Bareilles is taking her fans on a journey for her newest CD, releasing a series of 8 Youtube videos before the album hits stores in July.

I love things like this.  I am a self proclaimed music junkie so whenever my favorite bands give me a chance to see insider material I am all for it. I think it is really cool to get a sneak peak of what goes into the writing and recording process.  I also think it is cool that Sara is very raw when talking about the direction of her album. We often times think that people in the spotlight have everything under control, but they are just like us. Expressing yourself through music and creating something personal is no easy task. Letting your fans in on that gets you a gold star in my book.

Artists have been using all areas of social media to promote their new albums recently. I shared the Pistol Annies’ campaign a few weeks ago, where they used Vine to release clues about the location of their missing equipment (part of a fictional game where people collected clues and could win tickets to a surprise show). The also used it to reveal their album artwork.

Sara did something similar in Seattle, parts of her cover artwork around the city and releasing clues online. When people found them all they would share the artwork on different platforms.

Things like this allow fans to interact more with people that inspire them and I would guess that the artists gain inspiration from the fans as well.


Did Mike Tyson ever really go anywhere? Debatable. Has he been around a lot more in the last few years? If you ask me, and since I am asking the question I get to decide who I am asking, and I pick me, the answer is yes. In my opinion, appearing in the Hangover really boosted his popularity among a younger generation who might have known who he was but were not super familiar with him. Recently I have seen him on How I Met Your Mother and Law and Order: SVU. I am sure they promoted it but I didn’t even know he was guest starring on either show. I prefer him better in the comedy role; dude is not the best dramatic actor in the world.

So why the talk about Mike Tyson? Well, about a month ago we were playing trivia and one of the questions was “What animal does Mike Tyson train?” or work with or something like that. Anyway, my team members thought it was tigers a la The Hangover. However this girl knew it was pigeons. In fact, I am not sure if this show ever came to fruition, but there was talk of a reality show featuring Tyson and his pigeons. Adult Swim on Cartoon Network has jumped on this idea though, sort of. They are creating a new cartoon about Tyson and his pigeons. Here is a little description of the show…

“Mike Tyson is taking the fight from the boxing ring to the streets… by solving mysteries! Armed with a magical tattoo on his face and a trusty associate by his side — a talking pigeon — if you have a problem that needs solving, Iron Mike is in your corner.”

Come on…THAT SOUNDS AWESOME! Mike Tyson and talking pigeons solving crimes, sign me up. I can’t claim this for everyone but the career moves he has been making are definitely winning me over. I guess with the right PR you can come back from anything, even biting off your competitor’s ear.

All press is good press…unless is involves you trying to sue IMDB because they posted your birthday and revealed that you were older than most of the roles you played and you lost and then they reveal your identity.


I actually think that this is debatable. Junie Hoang is the actress behind the story and she is currently 41. She had posted a fake birthday on her account but then took it off in some sort of strategic move. Only, someone then posted her real birthday which was not part of her strategy. However, if you are like me you had never heard of Junie until her identity was revealed after she sued IMDB (and lost by the way). Just because she is older doesn’t mean she won’t be cast for younger roles. I mean, look at the kids on Glee. When I say kids, I really mean adults because they are all in their mid to late 20′s and 30′s. Either you know this and don’t care or you just assumed they were really high school age. That is why they are called actors and actresses. They can play the role. Now Junie’s name is out there and some casting director that had never heard of her might see her from this lawsuit and say, “Hey, she’d be perfect for this role!” So maybe, just maybe, this whole thing is strategy. And if that is the case this woman in a genius!

Yes I understand that there is an issue with revealing personal information on the internet but I think as someone in the limelight that is something that you have to get over. You choose to put yourself in the public eye and you should be prepared for people to dig up information about you. Is it fair? Probably not. Is it expected? I think so. Should people be going through your trash to find personal information and old credit card account stubs? Heck no.

Your thoughts?

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