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This might come as a shock (it shouldn’t), that we spend a lot of time on Facebook. When we’re actually able to pull ourselves away from the cute Corgi videos (see here), we try to do a little research as well. Turns out there is a lot you can learn by watching what other people post.

The people that we actually like to follow, don’t preach about themselves. In fact, the actors that are really good don’t ‘sell’ to their audience. Instead, just like in the real world, they try to engage their audience.

Your fans know when you’re being a salesperson. Your messages come across as disingenuous, and it turns them off. I have stopped following actors and brands that kept telling me how great they are. You’ve probably done the same.

The constant hard sale is a no. But it’s not the only thing you need to avoid (or do as it may be). Here are five best practices that you can use to engage your social media audience.

1. Post every day.

That may seem excessive to you (if you’re an actor… maybe not) but as people make more friends and Like more pages, your posts may be missed. If you are only posting once or twice a week then it could be a long time between posts if your community misses one or two of them. There are studies that show posting between 3-5 times a day can be good amount for Pages (make sure you are varying your posts and also watch your statistics to see what works best for your community). You can decide that you might take the weekend off but also realize that the weekend is when many people are on Facebook.

2. Focus on engagement.

You are trying to connect with and get a response from your community. Ask questions, post helpful tips, links to articles that your audience will Like and Share (this one is our favorite). When you make the posts about your audience and what they need rather than selling your next movie, you will develop a richer and deeper relationship with your community. You will get more followers (both on Facebook and in the real world) as a byproduct of that deeper relationship. Set aside time to follow up on posts and respond to questions on your Wall.

3. Use a “call to action”.

Call’s to action seem complicated (people in academia do that). Honestly it’s pretty simple: tell people to click the Like button or comment on the post. Have them watch your video or go to your website. There is a lot of research here, but more common sense. If you don’t tell people to do something, they aren’t going to do it. Please note this is different than selling. Telling people to buy your new movie is not the same as telling them to like the story on your wall about corgi’s (here’s another!)

4. Don’t oversell or undersell.

Like we said, no one likes a never-ending sales pitch. But… you do need to highlight your beautiful self from time to time! There is a pretty simple rule for not looking like a sales-person: 80-20. Most of your posts, around 80%, should be content and connection based. The other 20% can be an engaging sales message. So if you’re posting five times a week (pretty standard), one of the posts should be a sales message and four of the posts will be other helpful or fun content for your community.

5. Make it fun.

Facebook is a social community. People are there to have fun. This is a place where you can let your corporate hair down a little. Stay true to your brand but think of ways to entertain your audience.

Of course, you don’t have to do it alone. We’re here to help! Oh. And Corgi’s!!!

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